Custom made Solid Surface - Rockstone boards

Tailor slabs are custom-bonded and polished boards made of Solid Surface - Rockstone, 12 mm thick. Rockstone is a massive homogeneous material made from natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. The sink drain holes and the standing tap mixer can be drilled before the board is mounted with a crown bit. On request, we drill the holes according to the supplied drawing at an additional cost. It is also possible to make any size up to 350 cm of 60 cm depth. In this case the price is on request, please contact our support for the price calculation. When ordering, be sure to include the required color for the board. The board includes support brackets (up to 1 m length of 2 consoles, over 1 m length 3-4 consoles; approx. Every 0.5 m / 1 pc consoles).

Board Design:

Offer color plates:

glacier white matterhorn midnight custard bone platinum
101 Glacier white 503 Matterhorn 201 Midnight T-1077 Custard P-119 Bone 701 Platinum
shining gray terra rare rock jasmine white
T-683 Shining gray M-2055 Terra 548 Rare rock L-798 Jasmine white 854 Monsoon 4033 Concrete

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