With the SIGMA niche shower door, great emphasis is placed on elegance, functionality and easy maintenance. Aluminum profiles in shiny chrome and a metal handle will delight every fan of modern style. The watertightness of the door is ensured by a vertical silicone and magnetic seal, between the tray and the screen you will find a unique TOPSEAL seal.
We recommend a special set of PRO COMFORT and TOP COMFORT products for glass cleaning.

Characteristics of SIGMA shower doors:

  • Revolving pivot door for installation in a niche with an adjustable width of up to 140 mm
  • The door consists only of safety glass without a frame with a thickness of 6 mm, which is mounted in a rotating pivot hinge, which is practical for maintenance
  • The door is variable, it can be installed with opening to the right or left side

Extended warranty 3 years

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