Decorative radiator in matt finish

The noble and truly beautiful material of these radiators maximizes the aesthetic quality of the offered shapes .

Central heating

Options for "central" connection of heating ladders

1. Central heating - manual valve

CUBE set COMPACT kit Copper fittings ALU couplings Covering rosettes

If you decide to buy a ladder of this type, you need to choose a suitable attachment kit.

If the heating is to be used only for hot water heating without a thermostatic head, it is necessary to purchase the connection kit
eg COMPACT or CUBE (according to heating design).
CUBE is available in chrome, stainless steel or silver.
The COMPACT kit is available in chrome only. For COMPACT and CUBE, the right / left variant is not distinguishable.
ADVICE! Tail pipe openings are not always perfectly executed, so we recommend buying a set of cover markers. Covering rosettes are used to cover Cu or Alupex pipes and unclean openings in the wall. Covering rosettes are available in chrome or stainless steel.
ATTENTION! Our design valves have a special thread 24-19, so it is necessary to purchase the recommended fitting for each valve according to the material and diameter of the pipe - copper / alupex.
Clamps are available in chrome or stainless steel.

2. Central heating - valve with thermostatic head

TWIN connection Copper fittings ALU coupling Covering rosette

If you decide on the thermostatic variant, we recommend the TWIN design :

The TWIN set is available in chrome or stainless steel.
ADVICE! The TWIN set is available in right / left variant. The figure above shows the left option. This means that the hot water supply is to the left, as well as the thermostat itself is pointing to the left (always at the front view). We recommend selecting the valve so that the head always faces in the direction of the horizontal profiles of the heater and not on the opposite side.
ATTENTION! The already mentioned clamping fitting for heating assembling + cover rosette.
Available color variation of clamping fittings - chrome or brushed stainless steel.

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