OLIVER Countertops

The OLIVER countertops are made of MRAMOTEC technical marble with a 20 mm thickness.
We recommend to combine the countertops with countertop or recessed washbasins. 

Tap and drain holes can be drilled with a crown drill bit prior to installation of the countertop. The holes can also be pre-drilled during production according to a technical drawing. It i salso possible to produce any size up to a 250 cm length. Please contact our sales department to get a price offer in such case. 

Support brackets can be found in the Accessories section of each countertop on our website.
We recommend using a support bracket every 70 cm for countertops longer than 1 m for a better weight distribution.

AVICE and OLIVER cabinets can be installed under the countertop.

Available color designs of the countertops:

1219 Calacatta
1216 Botticino
1217 Breccia aurora
1220 Fior di pesco
1215 Rosa del garda
1218 Griggio carnico


Width (mm)

Height (mm)


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