Distinctive wooden plastic decor on all sides, combined with smooth chrome handles, creates an interesting and original element. The advantage of the LARITA series is the possibility of combination with various types of mirrors and additional cabinets. The design of natural materials evokes a feeling of luxury and durability for many years.

Washbasin cabinets are available in widths from 56 to 120 cm. The drawers are with automatic closing, the upper drawer with a wooden divider. The door is hinged on the deceleration hinges. The body and visible surfaces are made of solid wood and oak veneer. Ceramic washbasins for cabinets are offered in widths from 60 to 125 cm.

The cabinets are impregnated with 2 layers of oil - colored to unify the color of the wood and colorless for greater durability.

Finish: wax oil
To preserve the natural appearance, we recommend coating the surface with Hardwaxoil colorless hard wax oil after 1-2 years. Manufacturer Belgian company CIRANOVA.

Furniture care:
For routine maintenance, use a soft cloth dampened in lukewarm water with a mild oiled furniture solution. Any of the commonly available oiled furniture fixtures can be used. After 1-2 years, the furniture must be painted with oil. We recommend hard wax oil Hardwaxoil brand CIRANOVA.

The furniture is delivered assembled, ready for immediate installation.

The mechanism of deceleration hinges Slow closing of the drawer

For solid wood furniture, tapped joints are used. This is one of the most pressure-resistant connections. If it is reinforced with wedges, it also resists tension well.
It is used to connect vertical and horizontal parts - for example, the legs of furniture with a partition.

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