IN SINK Food Waste Disposer 410W, 230V

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Food residues are unpleasant and often smell. Using the kitchen waste crusher, your kitchen remains clean and hygienic

In Sink Erator Waste crusher M55 + standard

power 410 W
induction motor, specially developed for waste disposer
crushing chamber content 980 ml
anti-corrosion treatment of the crushing chamber
dishwasher connection
thermal fuse
crushing elements made of stainless steel, adapted to prevent jamming
quiet running
installation kit
pneumatic switch (installed on the sink and connected with the hose to the crusher)

What is a kitchen waste disposer?
It is a built-in kitchen appliance that is a convenient part of any modern home or mass catering facility. With the kitchen waste crusher, you can quickly and safely remove food debris and eliminate unpleasant and frequent trash to trash cans. The food residues are thrown directly into the sink and the crushed waste is washed away into the sewer. During crushing, it is necessary to use cold water, which causes the fat to solidify and then wrap it on the other crushed particles to prevent grease build-up in the drain pipe. At the same time, cold water cools the crusher motor.

Kitchen waste crushers are:

  • clean
  • useful
  • quiet
  • safely
  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • maintenance free
  • easy to use el. energy

You can crush:
fruits, vegetables, egg shells, poultry and fish bones, cigarette butts, paper napkins and filters

You can't crush:
glass, plastic, metals, aluminum foils, oyster shells

Crusher installation requirements:
settled sink with 92 mm hole
230 V socket


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