• Stainless steel channels with swiveling plastic siphon for easy connection to waste
  • Installation height 85-105 mm
  • Grate width 75 mm
  • Flow rate 48 l / min, outlet 50 mm
  • Span: 670 to 970 mm
  • Adjustable feet: help set the channel in the required position and height of 80-100 mm
  • Easy to clean: removing the inlet from the siphon provides full access to the drain and cleaning
  • Canal dropping: the bottom of the canal is dropped along its entire length, impurities easily find their way into the waste
  • Direct waste: turn the siphon to get a direct connection to the waste system without additional fittings that reduce drainage
  • Waterproofing: For ideal adhesion to the waterproofing, a flange is formed around the channel and the channel is supplied with a butyl strip
  • Included is a waterproofing butyl tape

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