Countertops WOODY

Slabs under the sink made of solid wood in the color of natural oak are available in widths from 60 to 250 cm. The surface is painted with acrylic varnish to increase resistance to moisture. The front edge is slightly rounded, the plate thickness is 28 mm.

WOODY boards can be fixed to the wall using designer brackets, which also serve as a practical towel holder. Additional drawers or containers can be installed as desired under the selected board. A towel holder can be used on the underside of the plate, which we offer in white and black and in sizes of 45 and 60 cm.
On request, any board size can be produced, but up to a maximum of 300x60 cm - price on request.

For boards longer than 1 m, we recommend installing a hidden support bracket every 70 cm for better weight distribution.

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