Corner bathtubs with plenty of interior space

Acrylic baths have the best thermal insulation properties.

Polysan corner baths offer plenty of room for a comfortable bath. They are available in sizes 120x120 cm to 165x165 cm. Larger baths can also be used for two people and enjoy a pleasant relaxation together with a partner. For all baths we offer handles for easy and safe movement of people with reduced mobility.

Extended warranty - guaranteed by POLYSAN

POLYSAN bathtubs made of acrylic are guaranteed for 10 years.
The condition of the guarantee is the correct installation according to the instructions, including the use of the original design according to the bath type or original POLYSAN pedestals (PO60 / 60, PO80 / 80, PO100 / 100, PO60 / 80 or PO60 / 100) according to the bath type. The recommended base type is always listed for each bathtub in the accessory.

In the case of acrylic bathtubs of the Polysan brand, it is possible to order color variants of baths and panels. More information here .

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