PURA Vanity Unit 117x50,5x48,5cm, white

PURA - the next step to a perfect design
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Brand   SAPHO
Size   117x50,5x48,5 cm
Width   1170 mm
Height   505 mm
Depth   485 mm
Colour   WhiteWhite White
Material   MDF/laminate
Installation   Wall-Hung
Type of cabinet   Drawers
Type washbasins   Washbasins and Double basin
Equipment   Automatic closing, RAL colors upon request
Weight   29.0 kg
Packing   1 Piece
Guarantee   2 years


Automatic closing

Furniture is equipped travels drawers with slow release and an automatic closing movement drawers. No more noisy closing.


Hanging cabinet under the sink

  • 4x drawer with automatic closing mechanism
  • standard with PR320 handles, mounting spacing 320 mm
  • possibility to install towel holder on the side of the cabinet (code FA111)

The washbasin is not part of the cabinet. There are 3 types of ceramic washbasins (2x PURA and 1x SAND) available in the accessories.

On request with 30% surcharge can be ordered in any RAL color and the body of furniture can be delivered in any wood decor according to the sampler. Delivery time is 6 weeks.

The furniture is delivered assembled, ready for immediate installation.
Install the furniture on a flat wall. If the cabinet body is twisted, the clamping mechanism may malfunction. Do not expose furniture to permanent moisture and contact with water.
Ventilate the bathroom properly after use. Use silicone sealant to prevent leakage into the cabinet.

Series description

PURA - another step towards perfect design, line cleanliness, quality of workmanship and practicality. All of this was developed by Sapho's developers when designing the PURA bathroom furniture range! After a period of strictly sharp edges and curves, it is time to refine in the form of slightly rounded edges and corners while maintaining a low profile washbasin with a perfectly flat top surface. The lacquered surface allows you to choose any other shade in addition to the white color and thus fine-tune the interior almost to perfection. Drawer slides, of course, include an automatic closing system. The PURA series offers the dimensions of washbasin cabinets 57, 77, 97 and 117 cm, which complements several types of very interesting side cabinets. The ultra-thin PURA ceramic washbasin is offered in widths of 60, 80 (3 variants of washing space location), 100 and 120 cm (available with 1 or 2 tap holes). Of interest is the possibility to choose other types of ceramic washbasins NORM and SAND. The offer also includes the connection of furniture with a countertop made of SOLID SURFACE - ROCKSTONE material in combination with a countertop washbasin. With this connection, you can choose from several types of countertop washbasins. The boards are offered in several colors. The organizers are located in the upper drawer of cabinets 77 cm wide (with a cutout for a siphon in the middle) and 97 cm.


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Documents - 3D models

Product support

Instructions for installation of vanity unit

Have you bought our furniture for the bathroom and you do not know how to install a washbasin or set the sink up?

Washbasin Cabinets: drawer removal instructions - Type No. 1

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